Lately I’ve found myself in one of my recurring creative phases where I have a huge surplus of ideas, but a major deficit of focus and time. So rather than picking a project and sticking to it until it’s done, I fiddle around, create prototypes and concepts, and end up accomplishing very little. I think most creatively-oriented people know exactly what I’m talking about.

On the plus side, rough concepts are precisely why I started doing This Might Be a Thing. So here’s a thing that might be a thing:

I've been wanting to try some serious pixel art, even if indie games are practically choking with it at this point. I'm pretty happy with the results. The game I have in mind would be sort of a Metroidvania exploration-heavy platformer with a lot of swimming involved. Maybe there would be building and crafting too? It's a pretty vague idea at the moment.

Deepworld is taking up most of my time for game creation at the moment, so any other projects are going to have to wait - but that's OK, since Deepworld is getting pretty awesome. You can buy it for Mac right now, and the iOS beta will be starting shortly...